The power of streaks

I’ve been on a one-goal journey this year. For about 8 years, I’ve struggled to lose weight. I can come up with a ton of excuses and explanations ("I completed my 25 other yearly goals," "I have a slow metabolism," "but I workout like crazy").

This year, I’m taking no excuses. This is the only goal. It affects my spiritual life, my work, my family, my energy level, my self-regard (looking at you, EQ 😉).

I’ll talk more about the specifics of my milestones in the future. For now, here’s Streaks, an app for iOS I use to create and measure daily habits.

I set up a series of daily habits that healthy people do. Then I let it pester me to do them. My first main habits:
  • Weight myself daily
  • Measure my breakfast (for portion control)
  • Drink a large glass of water
  • Avoid refined sugar ever day

So far, so good! As the year moves on I will tweak and adjust the plan to keep the gains (or losses, as it were) moving.