Search later, stay in the moment

I’m trying to pull out my phone less, especially if I am out with people. What do I do when I think of something to look up (or a musical artist I’d like to check out later)? To short-circuit 📱❗️⚡️ the "phone. now." response, I’m trying something new.

The process:
  • capture a bit of text with Drafts on my watch
  • process Drafts inbox later
  • use these quick searches to look up the info directly in Drafts

Check out the "search Spotify" action. One click on the action and it takes my Drafts note and moves it right to Spotify.

Same thing works for these web searches (I have one for Google and DuckDuckGo).

Super easy, and it keeps me present in the moment. These actions auto-archive the Draft and tag themselves with a reminder of what I ran on them ">Spotify" or ">google" to keep a record of my search.

Google search