Reason Compact 2.0

I upgraded Reason Compact iOS to version 2.0 and was pleasantly surprised to see two new instruments in the mini rack. I’m ready for some virtual wires, but until then, we can still have some fun with this.

The little songs below are the result of noodling around for a few minutes with the free updates (+ the upgraded Europa. For full control of the new bass and drum synths, I’ll have to pay the $9.99 for each instrument).

It has that Propellerheads clean sound quality and the ability to export to full Reason. Start on the phone, continue editing in a DAW.

My favorite feature is having the (almost) full version of Europa in my phone to make new synth patches on the go. Building a patch can be tedious and doing that with my phone feels like a better use of time than something less productive. It’s worth the IAP for this one module.

  • Sounds great
  • Easy export to Reason 10
  • Easy to program
  • A lot of power in the synths with the unlocked version
  • Ability to create new patches to use in Reason desktop
  • Each synth is $9.99 to unlock
  • Probably worth it, but there are more full-features options available for much less (ie Korg Gadget)
  • Sequencer is very limited