Password managers and why they matter

Using a password manager application offers several benefits. It can seem a little daunting, but the initial effort is worth it. Trust me on this one 😀

People frequently say "oh, I know I shouldn’t use the same password everywhere... don’t judge me." I get it, we have so many passwords to maintain a digital life. This is all the more reason to use technology to reduce complexity. A password manager, used properly, creates security while simplifying the process.

I literally have two passwords to remember. I use one to unlock my password manager and one to unlock my computer. The password manager handles the rest. As a bonus, the PWM (password manager) carries them offline on my Apple Watch so I can go phone-less and still have every critical bit of info at hand. I hate forgetting a password and doing the "reset my password email" dance. A little time up front saves a ton later.

My wife and I share all of our passswords with each other. Rarely do we need them, but when we do, it’s great having them in one place. Out of town and your spouse needs to access the utility or Netflix account? It’s all right there, shared for both of you.

Bonus tip: if you have two accounts for the same service, label with your name to keep things clear. Example, in our account we have several Google logins. They look like this:

Google (Ken)
Google (Meg)
Google (....

Where to start?
There are many options out there. Currently, LastPass appears to be the best free option. Install it as a browser extension and put it on your mobile device. On an iPhone? Don’t miss the the ability to set your auto fill to look at it, rather than the built-in manager.