May 2018 home screen

The May 2018 home screen contains a few new apps and a lot of classic oldies that just keep getting the jump done.

A few highlights:
  • YNAB – Personal budget tool, right at my fingertips for logging every purchase
  • LumaFusion – it’s like FCPX on an iPhone. Don’t let the price intimidate you, it’s worth every penny if you want a powerful, mobile (and Universal) video editor. The feature list is long. Highlights include backup of projects through any cloud service, titles, multiple tracks, and all buttery-smooth. The kids and I made this video with it dedicated to Debbie, the chicken in Netflix’s remake of Lost in Space (set to scenes from a recent trip to Hobby Lobby).
  • Hoopla – 8 downloads per month for free from your local library. What’s not to love? I’m currently listening to the audiobook of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why. Classic.
  • Forest – Gamified pomodoro for better productivity. You know...

And I’d be remiss if I did not mention which is responsible for the un-iPhone-like grid layout.