Is this dead?

I rarely pride myself on keeping plants alive. However, a few years ago I was given a few air plants. These plants require minimal maintenance and apparently live a long time. From what I was told, I need to soak this plant in water for 5 minutes a week, shake off the excess, and place it back in my window.

I've faithfully followed that procedure for over a year and the plan seems to have held this state of green.

Then we worked from home.

After many, many weeks of working remote, I find myself back in the office. I neglected to take this plant home so I assumed I would find it shriveled and dead. To my surprise, I found it like this.
It's not 100% as vibrant as when I left it, but it's pretty close. This leaves me to wonder a few things:
  1. Is weekly watering even necessary?
  2. Has the plant been dead the entire time and it's dead state looks greenish?
  3. Did the moisture content in our offices keep the plant alive without my intervention?
I can't help but feel like the act of watering isn't fully necessary. From here, I plant to document the plant's appearance routinely but won't continue to water it. I'll just see what happens.