Computerless Music

I’m a big fan of electronic music gadgets. Starting with computer software, tried some hardware, the "all digital" and back to the iPad. Now I’ve come full circle and am looking for ways to create more away from the screen. I’m getting there.
Today’s workflow is a Teenage Engineering KO! PO-33 into a Korg Monotron into a PO-32 into Tascam recorder. I recorded this live and directly into the Tascam. So much fun.
The samples on the PO-33 are from my record collection (I believe these are from a finger style guitar album). All 11 minutes of this is improved and live-captured. No computer used (except to upload the file to Soundcloud).
🤔 It doesn’t have to be good, it’s just the fun of creating. 😎

Enjoy the track here;