Bag Reset

Every two to three weeks I perform a bag reset. My bag is my traveling workspace. It’s my favorite tool. A home away from home. Like a magnet, it collects things. I end up with papers, loose cables, books – all sorts of extras. So, the reset.

I take everything out of the bag and look at it. Scrap paper notes get scanned and tossed. I evaluate each thing I lug around and ask "do I really need to carry this around next week?" I replace anything that needs to be maintained (replacing masks with clean ones). Charge the Kindle. Clean out my wallet. No more parking stub or receipt clutter.

Finally, I repack the bag. I believe in "a place for everything and everything in its place." It’s my bag philosophy. Each element goes back to its original spot.
Part of this operation is made smoother by carrying smaller sub-bags in the main one. You’ll see several smaller containers for like-items. iOS Cables have a bag (I seem to have a lot of accessories). Audio cables have a spot. Field Notes get their own holder.

I find this ritual every few weeks keeps me organized and productive. Give it a try.